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At a glance:

Age: 29
Profession: Software Engineer Consultant
Hobbies: Listening to music, making music, programming, video games, movies, hanging out with friends and family, fishing, shooting, astronomy, learning, reading, martial arts, and hockey
Interests: Cognitive science, linguistics, computational theory, multimedia generation, graphics, algorithms, software engineering theory, the universe
Expertise: Java, C++, Perl, Python, Html, Javascript, and Actionscript 3

Twitter: @JustinSchulwitz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justinschulwitz

About me:

Hi everyone, you have reached my site. My name is Justin Schulwitz. I graduated college from the University of Colorado @ Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am currently 29 years-old. I was born in Boulder, Colorado and have lived in the surrounding area all of my life. I have a passion for technology, philosophy, and traveling. I am an Aquarius, and although I don’t buy into astrology, I do meet the description pretty accurately.

I have many interests. I enjoy being outdoors and camping, fishing, off-roading, and shooting. I also like writing computer programs and doing research in computational theory. I have a half-published paper in the field of linguists and enjoy learning new languages. I am semi-fluent in French and Spanish aka I can understand better than I can speak. Someday I would like to learn how to speak Chinese and Russian. Growing up I played hockey and participated in TaeKwonDo. When I was 16 I earned my 1st degree black belt and have competed in both regional and national tournaments. I have a passion for nutrition and working out. I am a great listener and a very loyal person. I will do anything for my friends and family… no matter what. I absolutely love traveling and for the first time in my life had the opportunity to do so this year. I have seen some pretty amazing places. I have to always be listening to music. Music has got me through some pretty tough time in my life and I couldn’t live without it. I enjoy very casually playing the guitar, I am not horrible, but no means a professional. I have also wet my whistle in digital music production. Recently I have taken an interest in photography and hope to learn more in the near future.

Day to day, God and my family are the biggest influences in my life. I always try to do what I can to help them out.

For those who don’t know me, to sum me up, I’m an idealist, a romantic at heart, and sometimes pretty ridiculous. I try to live each day to the fullest and positively impact the lives of others as much as I can. Some say that I have an intellect’s swagger.

Well that’s all for now… surely someday I will think of something else.

Justin Schulwitz

A Picture of Me from 2010