I graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Computer Science. I also focused my studies on psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, and human computer interaction.

As a part of the required Computer Science curriculum I completed a senior project with a company called Kurpoof Studios based out of Boulder, CO along with two other students. Kurpoof is a subsidiary of Disney. The senior project I worked on used motion detection algorithms to detect motion through a webcam to register gestures and allow a user to draw on the screen.

Also during my tenure at CU, I had a semi-published paper that I co-authored in the field of cognitive linguistics in regard to the theory of linguistic relativity. You can view the paper here:

Linguistic relativity paper

Classes I took in Computer Science while at CU include:

  • Theory of Computation (CSCI-3434)
  • Algorithms (CSCI-3104)
  • Database and Information Systems (CSCI-3287)
  • Digital Logic (ECEN-3100)
  • Principles of Programming (CSCI-1300)
  • Data Structures (CSCI-2270)
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (CSCI-4448)
  • Software Engineering Methods and Tools (CSCI-3308)
  • Computer Graphics (CSCI-4229)
  • Computers as Components (ECEN-2120)
  • User Interface Design (CSCI-4838)
  • Operating Systems (CSCI-3753)
  • Numerical Computation (CSCI-3656)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (CSCI-3155)
  • UNIX Systems Administration (CSCI-4113)
  • Software Engineering Project 1 (CSCI-4308)
  • Software Engineering Project 2 (CSCI-4318)
  • Cognitive Science (CSCI-3702)
  • Linear Algebra (CSCI-2830)